Windfall chapter 1 pages 11-15

2016-03-09 13:54:16 by bpatoleta

Hello everyone!

I have just uploaded 5 new pages of my manga. If you are interested, please take a look and I will appreciate it.



Windfall chapter 1 pages 6-10

2016-02-28 11:06:26 by bpatoleta

Hello Everyone!

I am uploading 5 new pages of my manga, I hope you will like it :)

Oh and btw, I forgot to add the short introduction before the first chapter so here you go:


Also forgot to write the title for the first chapter... so let me tell you that it is "A Night of Change".

I will be grateful for any feedback, thanks!


Finally... We are able to start uploading our first chapter of Windall.

If you are interested, then check our first 5 pages and let me know what do you think about it.

Thanks for your feedback!


My manga's Realm Map.

2015-07-18 12:10:23 by bpatoleta

Hey everyone!

We have got a slight delay on preparing the 3D model for the Evenlea's capital, but no worries...Due to this delay, I have more time to work on the second chapter ;). More material now means less waiting in the future for the new pages. 




The map is ready in 95% and it includes 10 nations(one will be deserted). The world's size is comparable to the size of the moon. The preparation of the map is dated shortly before the events in which our heroes participate.

I will keep you guys posted.

Have a nice weekend!




2015-07-03 18:12:28 by bpatoleta


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay... we have finally sorted out our equipment problems(money...). Right now, I will be able to prepare a 3D model of the first city where the events will take place for the majority of the first volume.

The first chapter is only missing the aforementioned 3D model of the Windfall city which will be needed for 4 missing panels. A good thing though is that in the meantime I have finished almost half of the chapter 2, here is a random page:


Do not worry about this spoiler as the female character will be presented as a royal family member almost right of the bat in chapter 1;)

I can promise that you will see the chapter 1 in really near future!

Ok I am getting back to work.

Have a nice weekend!

It has begun...

2015-05-13 13:45:52 by bpatoleta

Hello newgrounds!

Im glad to announce that I have finished the cover for the 1st volume of my manga/comic. Now im working on 1st chapter which is done in 95%.

I hope u will enjoy the cover and incoming 1st chapter.

See ya!